Trinity Deluxe Rabbit – Purple


Batteries: AA x 3

Length: 9.00 Inch

Girth: 3.90 Inch

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The deluxe rabbit vibrator is an upgraded version of the original rabbit that you have grown to love. Unlike the traditional rabbit the deluxe rabbit vibrators controls are located at the base of the rabbit, thus getting rid of all those pesky wires. Enjoy the rhythmic, stimulating motion of the twisting penis head and throbbing motion of the beads as they send you into a orgasmic bliss at the touch of a button. The controls allow you to dictate every twist and turn of the penis head by reversing directions at the touch of a button. All the while you have the bunny ears tickling your clit at two different levels of orgasmic vibration. Climatic sensations are within your control with the deluxe rabbit vibrator.

Measurements: Approximately 9 inches in total length, 5 inches are insertable, and 1.25 inches in width at the shaft.

Note: uses 3-AA batteries, not included.




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