Stout Feeldoe – Black – One Size


Batteries: LR44 / AG13 x 3

Length: 13.00 Inch

Girth: 5.30 Inch


The Feeldoe is a unique and patented toy. It\’s a strapless strap-on designed to give skin-on-skin contact without breaking continuity of action to adjust straps and buckles. It works! A woman uses her PC muscles to hold it in place with the bulb as the shaft protrudes at a natural angle. The Feeldoe is also great for solo play and the bulb makes a wonderfully ergonomic handle to hold and thrust with. There has never been a toy like the Feeldoe! Wearing the Feeldoe is a very different strap-on experience. We recommend you wear it around the house getting use to your new center of gravity, how it moves and how you can control the movement before you try it with your partner. The Feeldoe Stout is just as unique as the original, only with a little added girth.




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