Mojo Vigor – Purple


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Slipping the purple Vigor Pro Long Cock Ring around your erection will cause it to loom large and give you the stamina for your lover to fully enjoy its firm feel. Flexible and fully adjustable, this cock ring lets you control every aspect of your play.

There\’s plenty of room to include your scrotum if you want to amplify the rings effects or you can leave it solely around the base of the penis. Once in place slide the ends to the desired circumference; the tighter you make it the more pronounced the effects will be. Tighten the Vigor Pro Long Cock from Mojo as much as you dare, working your way up each time to a tighter and tighter ring for bigger, and longer lasting erections.

The Vigor is made from a hypoallergenic and hygienic silicone that feels comfortable against the body as it absorbs body heat to feel like a natural inclusion. When in place the Vigor slows down the blood flow out of the penile tissue of your erection which allows you to maintain it for a longer period of time. It will also cause some extreme engorgement as well as looking incredibly hot.

Wear this ring for masturbation with the two free ends against the scrotum or perineum for added effect or please a partner with its enhancing effects and give them an extra tickle with the two end pulls against her clitoris or his perineum.




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