Juicy Cockring O S Blueballs


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Nothin’ is sexier than a big juicy dick swingin’ between a pair of furry thighs…and with our new super soft cockring, JUICY, your package never looked meatier.

The fat squishy base and curved lip shape not only feels awesome squeezin’ your junk, but also pushes your dick and balls out for a mouth watering bulge in your favorite jock or painted on jeans.

JUICY is made from thick, blubbery silicone so it’s squishably stretchy and soft but still firm enough to grip your dick just right.

And for you pumpin’ pigs, the thick silicone base is perfect for adding some real vacuum suction and girth when you plump up your dong. The flared mouth-like opening creates an awesome suckin\’ sensation with each pump…

Your swollen sweaty meat will look hot as fuck spillin’ out over the fat lip of JUICY.

Approximate Stats (inches/cm):

Inside Circumference: 5”/ 12.7 cm

Total Length: 3.5”/ 8.9 cm

Outside Circumference: 11”/ 27.94 cm

Weight: 5. 1 oz




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