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Fully stocked with enhancement essentials, the Premium C-Ring set from Perfect Fit contains nine must-have pieces designed to support, highlight and maximize pleasure for both parties.
Combining secure, supple, ultra comfortable support with added stimulation and intense enhancement potential, the Armour Up is much more than an average cock ring, though it definitely boasts all the much-loved firming effects of one. Featuring a unique built-in scrotum strap that effectively contains and showcases the testicles plus a natural lift effect, the Up amplifies the visual effect of the entire cock, both in and out of clothing. 1.5\”/3cm in diameter.

Thick, soft and playfully styled, the Cruiser easily adds a firmer feel and extra stamina to playtime, with the happy result of more intense pleasure for both parties. Plush and extra stretchy, this comfortable, no nonsense ring is meant to be worn around the base of the penis and under the testicles, where it to helps keep blood where it counts, and sensation under control for a longer lasting ride. One size fits most.

Soft, plushy and extra strong, the double barreled Cock + Ball enhancer provides unparalleled support, a fantastic firming effect and longer lasting pleasure. A thick, squishy ring wraps securely around the base of the penis, trapping blood where its needed to keep an impressive erection at its best. The thinner ring underneath loops around the testicles, stretching them subtly for a constricting feel that can help keep sensation under control. One size fits most.

Finally, a 6-peice set of classic silicone cock rings wait to surround base, base and balls or balls alone. Running the size spectrum from 1.4-1.9\” (3.5-4.8cm), the Xact-Fit rings can be enjoyed solo or in combination with other Collection pieces.

In Perfect Fit\’s signature silicone, PF Blend and SilaSkin (both TPR/silicone blends), the pieces in the Premium C-Ring collection prove extra durable and incredibly comfortable. Always choose a great quality water base lube to enjoy in combination, avoid silicone formulas and contact with other silicone products.

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