4-ball Cockring W 3 Ballstretcher O S Blueballs


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A cockring connected by springy flexible silicone to a ball-ring that tugs on your sack while you are getting it on!

Here’s how this one works:

1. Put your lubed-up cock and balls through the larger ring.

2. Flip up the 1st smaller ring up under your balls, stretch it, and drop your balls through, flip the second ball ring back and drop your balls through, now flip the last ring up and drop your sack through…they zig-zag down yoru sack, but in total only about 1.5\” tall…but the tugging is amazing!

Material: Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

Lube safe: water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

Inside Diameter:

Height: 3/4\”/2cm

Outside Diameter: 2.5\”/6.5cm

Weight: 2.7oz.74 grams


Inside Diameter: 1.1/4\”/3cm

Outside Diameters: 2\”/5cm




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